Records Management

Records Management ( RM ) is a practice that allows you to control and manage the lifecycle of documents that are considered important for each organization , since its inception to disposal.

This concept includes the identification, classification, storage, security, archiving, preservation, retrieval, control and destruction of records.

The records management is a complex task within an organization, as they must ensure compliance, risk management and the ability to highlight their activities.

A record is evidence of the existence of something that may have been generated by a business process or received by an organization to ensure compliance with legal obligations.

A classification scheme for the entire company, within an ERMS, allows us to manage the following information:

  • File Plan - Automatically classifies and records according to a pre set plan and a well defined structure;
  • Auto-numbering - generates and assigns sequential numbers to vital records of the organization;
  • Retention periods;
  • Automatic management of the life cycle - introduction of rules to control the creation, review, archiving and disposal of records;
  • Control security and access.

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