What is Filedoc?

Filedoc is a proven document management and process automation software, with thousands of installations. The Filedoc platform provides a set of capabilities for capturing information, managing and filing documents, processing content, controlling and automating workflows, and integrating with third-party applications.

Why join Filedoc?

Reach more customers by complementing your current offering with Filedoc document, process and workflow management software, an innovative tool with a high level of security and reliability that enables you to evolve, grow and make your business more profitable.

Filedoc provides partners with the possibility of operating in any geographic market or sector of activity, regardless of the size or complexity of the projects.

Filedoc advantages:

Filedoc gives you margins of up to 80% of the value of the products sold, allowing you to tailor prices to each client’s investment capacity.

Being a Filedoc partner means expanding your range of products and implementation and consultancy services to a greater number of clients, regardless of their size, complexity or market segment, resulting in an immediate increase in your sales and, consequently, added value for your business.

Filedoc has thousands of installations in the public and private sectors and in most industries, thanks to the flexibility with which it adapts to each organization.

We are committed to being guided by the best market practices and ensuring that our solutions always comply with current legislation.

The way Filedoc is navigated is very intuitive, offering users a very fast learning curve and low resistance to change.

Unlike other tools on the market, Filedoc does not require programming to be implemented, which means there are no development costs.

Filedoc has a highly qualified technical team responsible for ensuring that the software evolves both functionally and technologically, serving as a driving force behind technological innovation.

One of Filedoc’s characteristics is its integration capacity. We provide our partners with all the necessary tools to integrate Filedoc with their clients’ business applications, thus enabling them to develop and market complementary solutions to what Filedoc offers.

Become a Filedoc Partner

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