Operating in an extremely dynamic and competitive market, telecommunications operators need to use the latest technological advances and maximize their business processes in an innovative, sustainable and socially responsible way.

UNITEL T+, operating from the city of Praia, Cape Verde, is known for its integration in a big business group, with management with vision and very demanding objectives using best of breed technologies and information systems.

Having defined as success factors:

  • Quality and consistency in communication and quality of services.
  • Innovation in launching new products and services.
  • Leadership fostering the confidence of its customers of UNITEL T+ as a leader in technology, and in the satisfaction of their customers.

It chose the Filedoc software to contribute to the operationalization of these needs, to better organize and to provide adequate management information.

Despite having a dynamic administrative team, used to work in adverse conditions and with previous experience in projects of similar characteristics, a good Network and Communications infrastructure and a technical team with a high level of knowledge and technical capacity, the UNITEL T+ Board had the challenge of:

  • High administrative burden with repetitive tasks and no added value – need to increase the level of integration between the components of the Management Information System;
  • Difficulties of the administrative and commercial team to access information in a simple and fast way;
  • The existence of a low level of integration between the components of the management system and the external applications.

And decided on a “Filedoc Document Management Solution” project with the following objectives:

  • Analysis of the existing situation, identification of information handling practices and procedures;
  • Definition of a strategy to optimize the entire information system considering the new solution;
  • Preparation of the organization for the implementation of the new electronic document management system, managing all information in a single repository;
  • Dematerialize the process of approval and management of supplier invoices;
  • Ensure the integrity, traceability and auditability of documents and their circulation and approval processes;
  • Automate business processes and document circulation;
  • Promote the integration of document management software with the administrative and financial management software – EPR SAP.

The analysis made it possible to map 116 types of documents, identify the various dynamic fields and 8 types of processes were identified, having been defined workflows for:

  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Invoice – Credit Memo Approval
  • Fund Requisition Approval
  • Internal Requisition Approval
  • Contracting
  • Travel bulletin approval
  • Approval of change to travel bulletin
  • Quality Management System – Creation/Revision Request
  • Quality Management System – Deletion Request

The project involved 204 users from the following departments: Marketing (Events), Technical (Technical, Commercial, Financial, Material Proposals), Strategic Planning, Quality (Internal and External Audit) and Legal (Litigation)

The integration with the SAP system involved the defined essential data from Suppliers (code, name, TIN tax identification number) and Materials (code, description, merchandise group), being the received data mapped in a Filedoc data source, with dynamic fields.

The project fully met the defined objectives, and allowed to organize the information in a simple, flexible and efficient way, with the integration of the different modules:

  • It allowed avoiding the duplication of tasks and avoiding errors;
  • It allowed searches through the use of document attributes or content;
  • Allowed the management of the content of documents and their approval mechanisms;
  • Guaranteed the security of information and total control of access to it;
  • Enabled the availability of operational and strategic management information, timely and reliable and flexible to support decision making;
  • It allowed periodic analysis focused on the optimization of the various departments management.

As a final appreciation, Filedoc software’s contribution was verified in:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and optimization of internal resources;
  • Processes automation and allowing a greater agility in its internal organization;
  • Greater control over information, with the guarantee of integrity, traceability and auditability of documents and their circulation and approval processes;
  • Ease of searching for documents and obtaining other reports/reports;
  • Satisfaction of the management and employees of UNITEL T+ with their training and of the existing knowledge in the organization.

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