Troia Marina

The skipper of the sailboat Radical III - Miguel Mourão, a very experienced sailor with an intense life in Atlantic and Mediterranean crossings, often had a problem when arriving near the region of destination: "It was always an uncertainty about which marina to stay for a few days, due to the lack of availability of mooring places”.

The Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Europe is very busy. Entering the Mediterranean Sea through Gibraltar, sailing to the Americas (North and South) and to Africa make this a very busy sea area, and despite the existence of many marinas their number is never enough to cover all the demand for temporary or longer-term moorings, so skippers have a hard job to find a convenient mooring place at their stops.

How did TROIA MARINA, one of the most frequented of this coast, differentiate itself in an innovative and effective way, facilitating the choice of those who seek it?

As a client of Filedoc software in the management of its processes, decided to implement the Filedoc Cloud Services module, in order to allow the skippers to easily and remotely at sea, view the availability of places in the marina, make their reservations and handle the maritime and legal formalities before their arrival.

Located on the line that divides the Atlantic from the Sado River Estuary, in one of the most beautiful bays in the world – Setúbal Bay – the TROIA MARINA can receive up to 180 boats.

Miguel commented Miguel: “Of course I and other skippers I know appreciate the initiative that leads us to stop here more often.


The entire process takes place in Filedoc software

Mooring Booking Request

The booking request registration is made by the client via the link available on the TROIA MARINA website.
In this registration (online forms functionality) a set of mandatory fields is provided so that the reception can check if that type of mooring is available for the dates requested.

If there is availability, Filedoc sends an e-mail to the requester, pointing to a new form to proceed with the contract.
If there is no availability, Filedoc sends an e-mail informing of the non-availability for the dates indicated and/or type of boat, mentioning that he is placed on a waiting list and will be informed as soon as it is possible to moor.

The TROIA MARINA reception, whenever it has a new mooring, consults the waiting list and automatically sends an e-mail inquiring whether to maintain the request.

Client Contract

After registering the contract, which will be sent to the client via form, the client can decide if he wants to sign the document digitally, receiving it again by e-mail, or if he wants to sign it in person in the Marina on the day of his arrival.

If you choose to sign digitally, the form returns to the reception with all the data needed to draw up the contract and, once completed, is sent by e-mail to the client (integration with DigitalSign). The client receives an e-mail to open the file and then a message with the necessary code to complete the process of signing the contract.

If signed, the contract goes to the Marina administrator who signs with exactly the same procedure.

After signed by both parties the contract is available on Filedoc with the final version.

Check in

When a contract is made a check-in document is automatically registered and sent by e-mail to the client one day before the expected arrival date for the client to check in online via the form.

Check out

A check-out document is also automatically registered, which, in this case, is sent the same day to the customer so that he can check out online via the form

Main gains

  • Process of elaboration of Customer Contracts totally dematerialized, fast and agile,
  • Information circulates between the parties in a secure way without entropy,
  • Guarantee of integrity, traceability and auditability of documents,
  • Reduction of errors resulting from manual input,
  • Reduction of document printing and paper circulation,
  • Skippers’ satisfaction with the Tróia Marina service.

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