On-premises or cloud deployment

Filedoc can be installed in whatever model best adapts to each organization’s IT infrastructure.

Currently it can be installed locally or in the cloud, with both options providing the same functionality, the same user interface, and the same integration capabilities.

We ensure software availability free from worries regarding application servers, database systems, hardware, backups, and maintenance services, thus bringing down management complexity, and a lower initial investment.

Filedoc Cloud provides maximum security, scalability and access, with cost and resource flexibility.

If your organization has its own IT resources, it may make sense to implement your document management and workflow software within your IT infrastructure, along with other applications.

Filedoc supports Microsoft SQL databases in multiple load balancing configurations.
The application is Web responsive, while the customer is browser-based.

To adapt to the various countries where we are present, Filedoc is available in 6 different languages, in both cloud and on-premises solutions:
English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Portuguese (PT), Brazilian Portuguese (BR), and Romanian (RO).
Currently, the mobile APP is only available in English (EN) and Portuguese (PT).