Main Features

Filedoc is a platform that allows you to capture, index, process and use existing information throughout your organization.

Work teams become more agile and efficient, workflows are dematerialized and automated, and your data is now protected in a secure, centralized file.

Store all your company information in a single place, regardless the document format or origin.

Information Management

Filedoc technology, based on artificial intelligence, reviews email contents and suggests their automatic indexing, allowing significant operational efficiency gains.
Alternatively, it is possible to set pre-defined rules that allow the system to automatically index emails.

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Photograph, classify and file documents with the Filedoc APP. Run your processes even while you’re out of office.

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Connect Filedoc to any scanner, and scan any paper documents you have received.
Filedoc allows you to scan documents individually or in batches by using bar codes that work as document separators.
The sorting fields to be used are fully customizable by document or form type.

In addition to structured metadata, Filedoc creates an index with each document’s full text for carrying out searches. Searches can be performed by combining metadata with keywords contained in the document.

You can use data from other applications to populate a document’s metadata in order to ensure a consistent taxonomy.

By using customizable web forms, you can speed up data collection. Forms can be made available directly on Filedoc, on the corporate portal, or on the Filedoc Portal.

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Filedoc recognizes several different barcodes, extracts the information, and uses it for document indexing. The QR code, which is now mandatory on invoices, will ensure that it will be automatically classified in Filedoc.

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Allows you to quickly drag files from a Windows folder into Filedoc, share and protect information, or start a workflow.

The plugin for Outlook allows you to register emails without leaving Outlook. Emails are saved in their original format including attached files.

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The metadata in Filedoc can be used by your accounting or ERP system, enabling automatic entries.

Use digital stamps on the document or produce annotations without altering the original documents. Print on the paper document the unique number that Filedoc assigns to each document.

Office Templates are generally available on Filedoc, thus ensuring their standardization. Filedoc, through the Word markers concept, automatically fills the fields inside the Template.

Automatically create and save changes to documents as a new version, and always keep document histories auditable.

Use any digital certificate service provider. Sign any type of document, such as contracts or invoices, with a legally recognized electronic signature.

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Combine metadata from indexed documents with keywords and wildcards, and find the information you need in seconds.

Control user access to documents and metadata, and what they can edit, export, modify and remove.

Access Management Information protection and security

Monitor actions that are pending execution, control deadlines, and quickly access overdue tasks.

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If you want to manage all the information from various companies within a business group in a single repository, either with centralized or decentralized management, you will find in the multi-company capability the possibility to manage documents and processes in an integrated way, all across the board.

This module allows to streamline the entire process inherent to the management of various types of meetings, from scheduling, to the management of deliberations on each of the issues addressed, to the electronic signature of the meeting minutes.
After the meeting is concluded, the minutes are submitted for approval and distributed to the various participants.
The traceability of the documents discussed at each meeting is guaranteed, as well as the record of the deliberations made on each of the points addressed.

Workflow Management

Automate repetitive manual tasks and organizational tasks, which can range from simple notifications and approvals to more complex, multi-level processes.

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Control and optimize your organization’s processes by creating automated workflows in a simple, intuitive interface.

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Define in detail what should happen in each step of the workflow when certain situations or exceptions occur. These rules are based on customizable fields, allowing for unlimited capabilities.

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Allows you to set dates for completing tasks, approving documents or renewing contracts.

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View all process steps in real time, which ones are already completed, and which are still to be completed, allowing you to take action if necessary.

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Always have access to up-to-date information on the status of a given process from anywhere. Carry out tasks from any device in a secure manner.

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Update data and the status of a given document or process in your ERP for an integrated, more agile overview of the process.

Access your process indicators in real time.