Integrations and Extensibility

Filedoc software provides a set of interfaces based on web services whose mission is to ensure the flawless transmission and reception of information between applications, through flexible, secure integration, based on market standards.

System integration provides important synergies in all areas of your company, from finances and sales, to HR management. Some examples:

Automation of financial processes
Transfer invoice indexing data to an ERP and manage accounting documents in an integrated way between both systems.

Create and manage contract versions in Filedoc, integrated with various electronic signature solutions, and provide access to such versions through the Filedoc Portal

All communications with potential partners and customers require constant exchange of documents.
Integration with CRM systems ensures quick access to information directly from the CRM platform, in compliance with data protection guidelines.

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Use Filedoc forms so that any employee can make several approval requests, such as approving expenses.
Combine your HR, salary, and other HR-related management tools with employee digital records, forms, and workflows.

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The Outlook plugin allows you to register any email in Filedoc and incorporate it into business processes, and ensure that the information contained in email messages is accessible to all team members.

Provide access to information and process status to customers, suppliers, partners or other entities external to the organization.

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