Secure Document Archive

It is critical for any organization that its information is well protected.

Financial and business documents, employee information, contracts, confidential information, and other documents require an organized, secure repository that protects what cannot be lost, compromised or improperly accessed.

Digital information, well stored in a secure digital archive, means no more paper on desks, no more lost documents, no more unnecessary printing, and no more physical filing space required.

Secure document filing means that all information is kept in a single repository, well organized, catalogued, and accessible for consultation during audits.

Rules and standards are designed to protect people and businesses. When documents are organized, secure and certified, it is easy to ensure compliance with company policies.

A natural disaster or a cyber-attack can destroy ill prepared organizations. Secure archives support your disaster recovery processes by minimizing their impact on organizations.

Filedoc files and stores your documents, and ensures that all information therein can be easily searched.
It stores scanned documents, PDFs, emails, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), images or any other format.
Data communication is done via HTTPS, and documents can be encrypted. A powerful, flexible system ensures how document access is managed, and the confidentiality thereof.

Filedoc uses shared or dedicated datacentres in the EU and US based on Microsoft Azure with data replication and redundancy outside your region. Information is never lost, and disaster recovery is simple and fast.

Every document created, their versions and annotations, or data changes in a given field are all recorded, ensuring full traceability. All Workflow activities are recorded and saved as history, and can be consulted at any time.
Auditing has never been so fast and complete.

Filedoc complies with the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, in order to fulfil all European rules and standards related to data privacy and management.

Indexing ensures that documents are neatly organized, without missing data, and searchable whenever necessary.