Santos & Vale

Known for its efficient operating model and for being innovative and technologically advanced, Santos & Vale wanted to streamline and improve its supplier invoice approval processes and chose Filedoc software for this purpose.

As one of the main operators of Integrated Logistics and Transport Services, Santos & Vale handles daily the information and documentation resulting from more than 7500 deliveries in the Iberian market, through a distribution network of 500 vehicles and 1200 employees spread over 19 operational platforms. The company needs to process this information quickly and efficiently in the course of its business.

For this new project, it adopted an integrated workflow solution with QRCODE information capture and integration with its ERP Primavera, in order to dematerialize and automate the management of the supplier invoice approval process, including the treatment of financial documents such as invoices and credit and debit notes.

The main achievements it sought to achieve were defined by Santos & Vale Management:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and optimization of internal resources, freeing them for higher value-added and strategic tasks.
  • Automation of processes, ensuring compliance with the guidelines established by the company and allowing greater agility in the internal organization of the activity.
  • Implementation of controls to reduce human errors in the posting of financial documents.
  • Ease in the search for documents and in obtaining reports/reports, also allowing greater control over the information and the current status of the process.

The project itself outlined a set of options and modifications to their business processes, a prerequisite for the implementation of a successful solution well suited to their business model:

  • In addition to the identification of the supplier through the issuer’s TIN information (tax identification number), data such as date, unique document ID and total value are automatically indexed, based on the QRCODE that appears on the invoice issued by the supplier.
  • In document accounting, when choosing the item, fields such as description, quantity and unit price are automatically populated, according to previously identified and mapped associations.
  • Filedoc automatically calculates the difference between the total value of the posted item lines and the total value of the document, obtained from the QRCODE, alerting the user of a possible accounting error.
  • The identification of the fields from the QRCODE information, as well as the existing automatisms in the accounting of the items and the accounting of the financial documents, significantly reduce the allocation of staff time to these tasks, freeing them to perform other functions.

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