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Reach more customers by complementing your current offering with Filedoc’s document, process and workflow management software, an innovative, highly secure and reliable tool that enables you to evolve, grow and monetize your business.

Filedoc authorized partners have access to virtually unlimited sales opportunities and turnover growth potential, helping organizations achieve efficiency and productivity in their business processes.

Your $10 Billion Market Opportunity

That’s how much Gartner estimates as market opportunities for document management and workflow automation providers.
The global market for document management systems was valued at some $5.51 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $11.47 billion in 2026

Every day, organizations face the same challenges over and over again

Content is dispersed all over the place, and in various forms and shapes — emails, paper documents, files of different types and forms. Much of this information is not structured.

Saving time by eliminating manual, redundant, repetitive tasks has become a must.

Information is lost; security is compromised; and compliance fails. Minimizing such issues is an ongoing task.

Is often difficult to use, complex and slow.

Are not dematerialized or have not been optimized since quite a long time.

People in different physical locations have to be involved and interact in the organization’s processes.

These challenges are present in all organizations

Customers look for (and buy) solutions. Filedoc is a proven software with thousands of installations. The Filedoc platform provides a set of capabilities for capturing information, managing and filing documents, processing content, controlling and automating workflows, and integrating with third-party applications.

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