National law enforcement agency

When a national law enforcement agency with tens of thousands of employees asked for a prototype, Filedoc’s founder and CEO João Mourão quickly dispatched a team to execute a proof of concept.

Just like the hospital in Porto, the need was urgent. The agency’s non-digital processes demanded an update. Staff often had to wait for hours or days to validate an approval, a problem that spread throughout Portugal. In the more remote islands, days might pass before sign-off was granted. Within a brisk two weeks, the sample deployment in a 10-person department soon expanded throughout operations nationwide.

Why did the national agency and the hospital in Porto, along with so many other enterprises with critical processes, take the initiative to implement Filedoc systems? The reality is that not all document and workflow systems are created equal.

Filedoc’s strength is that it is both robust and user friendly. The system streamlines the capture, classification, storage and management of all kinds of documents, in a web-based environment that’s easily integrated within existing enterprise systems. Users across and between organizations can securely access and transmit files for approval and sign-off with the necessary tracking needed to keep records private and safe – a necessity in medical, financial and law enforcement industries. Unlike more cumbersome systems, Filedoc customers can change and reconfigure their own workflows without any special training.

How did Filedoc help automate and improve workflow efficiency?

  • Instant approving easily
  • Easy access to information at all times
  • Managing process workflow in an intuitive manner
  • Managing and maintain documents easily
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Security of access to information
  • Intuitive user management
  • User-friendly interface

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