Ministry of Justice – Security Forces

The services of the Ministry of Justice of a developing country were under great pressure to present very often control data regarding the performance of their Police forces and the status of criminal records in progress.

Obtaining reliable and timely statistics was the leitmotiv of the project, as it was very difficult to know the number and typology of reports and crimes in the Country.

In fact, the Government through its Minister of Justice had set a course to increase the transparency of its governance, and to improve the efficiency of its services. But the required data was very disperse and not computerized, it only existed on paper, so collecting the required information was time-consuming, somewhat difficult, and sometimes not very consistent.

The consultants, who advised the Minister, were focused on digital solutions for each new opportunity or problem (digital-first thinking), and proposed a redesign of the administrative processes and digitization of the documentation involved, committing to a reliable automation of processes and achieving new levels of organizational agility.

The project was developed in collaboration with the United Nations under the United Nations Development Programme.

The goal was to have a single location for all reports and crimes, so that information could be easily processed and the history could be accessed, as well as having reliable and complete information allowing for real-time crime statistics in the country.

Filedoc software having been selected, the project itself outlined a set of choices in its organizational processes for the implementation of a solution well adapted to the Ministry’s services operating model.

Since Filedoc also allows the processing of processes, approvals, responses and all kinds of workflow operations, this area was also implemented to speed up the processing of processes within the units but also to other organizations.

The various security forces of the country were involved, namely:

  • Police
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Judiciary Police
  • Prison Services

Having been made face-to-face training to all the Superiors of the security forces.

The result exceeded expectations, in the opinion of the Ministry of Justice, with the following objectives having been achieved:

  • Greater efficiency, productivity and optimization of internal resources;
  • Automation of processes, ensuring that established guidelines were met and allowing for greater agility in the internal organization;
  • Greater control over information and the status of criminal proceedings in progress, with the consequent increase in the transparency of the Ministry’s actions;
  • A real time obtaining of the control data required by the Ministry of Justice, as well as a decrease in the human errors that occur;
  • An ease in searching for documents and obtaining other reports/reports;
  • A satisfaction of the Ministry’s employees, including Police Officers, with their training.

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