Hospital Pedro Hispano

The Pedro Hispano hospital in Porto had a challenge the rest of the world would soon face. It was February of 2020, and the pandemic was about to hit Portugal early and hard. How could they quickly digitize essential and evolving medical procedures and processes?

It was a race against the clock. The hospital would need to automate dozens of workflows to serve ill patients, order critical supplies, and create entirely new operations necessary to combat the pandemic.

This was no time to bring on the typical, cumbersome system that can require six months to a year to deliver productivity gains. The hospital reached out to Filedoc.
The firm already had deep long-term experience in prototyping, implementing and maintaining solutions, with elite global clients. Filedoc had proved it could rapidly meet diverse technical needs for banks, financial firms and a range of enterprises, from CMA, the international global shipping company, to industrial powerhouse TotalEnergies, and the telecom giant Unitel.

With Filedoc’s help, the hospital quickly created 30+ workflows, an essential efficiency that saved lives during the pandemic.

“Time was very precious, especially during Covid, with the amount of extra work it required,”

Said Catarina de Aguiar Diogo, Member of the Board of Directors Local Health Unit of Matosinhos, E.P.E.

Approvals have been streamlined. “We are subject to the public procurement code, which is very bureaucratic, dense and time-consuming,” noted Catarina.
“Now this acquisition process is much faster and more objective.”

Improving the organization of information and saving time to focus on priorities was key. Before Filedoc, it took four days to operationalize a board of directors meeting. Now, said Aguiar Diogo, “At the end of the meeting, things are already happening.” Just recently, they were deliberating about the third dose of Covid vaccines. “After 10 minutes I was receiving requests for information from the directors, to find out how many people should be scheduled for Monday,” said Catarina. “In this emergency phase, time can save lives.”

How did Filedoc help automate and improve workflow efficiency?

  • Approving expenses easily
  • Managing process workflow in an intuitive manner
  • Managing and maintain documents easily
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Security of access to information
  • Intuitive user management
  • User-friendly interface

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