Filedoc Workflow Manager

The Filedoc Workflow Manager is a tool that allows you to create automated workflow activity with a simple, intuitive interface.

All companies manage their activity based on processes. Sales, HR, finances, procurement, legal, and other areas need to share and access information quickly and efficiently so that the various departments can make the right decisions at the right time.

When processes such as managing orders, admitting employees, and approving invoices, can be automated and dematerialized — thus getting rid of manual, repetitive tasks —, all teams achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

It all starts with identifying the various steps of each process. Activities are made up of actions or conditions.

Actions imply human intervention and, depending on the information entered by the user involved in that stage of the process, they produce an event, such as approval of a document, a signature, creating a reply document, a change of status, calling a web service, etc.

Conditions produce events without human intervention, only on the basis of previously defined rules.

Flow control is used when we have several parallel Workflows, and we want to be able to define what actions to take depending on the combination of results of each of those Workflows.

Workflows are fully customizable and easily adapt to your company’s processes.

Associated with the various stages of a given Workflow, it is possible to define alerts based on deadlines or other previously defined rules.

The possibility of extracting certain metrics is as important as dematerializing and automating processes. Thus, each department can assess the efficiency of each process and adopt a continuous improvement philosophy.