Decree-Law No. 28/2019, consolidated and modernized invoicing rules, introducing innovative aspects such as the single document code, and the two-dimensional bar code (QR code).

The two-dimensional bar code (QR code) must be included on all invoices and other relevant tax documents, issued by programs certified by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT).

Data such as the issuer’s and applicant’s taxpayer numbers, document type, date, unique document identification, tax base, VAT rates, and so on, are now identified in the document’s QR CODE.

This QR Code will allow Filedoc — when scanning the document —, to extract all these fields and use them to automatically classify the document in Filedoc.

By combining this functionality with Filedoc Mail you can create an email box to receive invoices from suppliers. Upon receipt of the invoice, and if you have a valid QR Code, the document will be automatically processed and indexed, allowing you to start a Workflow.

If Filedoc is integrated with the ERP, we can achieve even greater productivity gains, since posting of the invoice in the ERP can also be carried out automatically.