ERP Integration

Have you ever stopped to think about the time it takes to manually enter all the relevant data from significant accounting and financial documents into the system? And how many times did you detect errors or data inconsistency?

With ERP integrators you get rid of errors and save the time spent on tasks that do not generate any value for your business.

This system interconnects the Filedoc document management solution with the Administrative and Financial back office of any ERP.

By integrating the Filedoc application with the ERP, you will experience significant reductions in administrative work and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Advantages of Integration

  • Reliability and speed in recording information
  • Intuitive access to information recorded on any platform
  • Get rid of all manual information integration work
  • Bring down administrative and operating costs

Sales documents generated in your ERP are automatically integrated into Filedoc for filing.

With this integrator, it is now possible to quickly consult any and all types of documents filed in Filedoc from the ERP.

Any purchase document filed in Filedoc is automatically integrated into the ERP’s “Procurement Editor” and posted to accounting.

Expenses filed or recorded in Filedoc are automatically integrated into the employee’s current account module.

If you want to optimize information traceability, you can manually associate all documents filed with Filedoc to the ERP’s logistics and treasury modules.