Email Integration

Connect to Outlook. Securely record and file incoming and outgoing emails, while automatically triggering new workflows.

Within Outlook there is a plugin available that allows you to register emails sent or received through Filedoc. Emails are saved in their original format, including attached files.

Document type, recipient, sender, subject and date are used for automatic email indexing.

Filedoc is also prepared to assign a unique, automatic outgoing number when sending any email so that it can be included in the email subject, thus allowing the recipient to use the number as a reference in case of a reply.

You don’t have to exit Outlook to register any email. All functions are available directly within Outlook:

  • Store messages with just one click
  • Automatically file your emails
  • Store only important emails or store only the attachment
  • Registered emails are marked and have a link to the email saved in Filedoc
  • Duplicate emails will be automatically discarded
  • Emails are automatically classified with all the necessary data, so messages can be easily found and used to start a workflow
  • Contact details for people or companies can be created or added to Filedoc from Outlook
  • Start a search directly from Outlook
  • You can use corporate email templates managed from Filedoc
  • Start Workflows automatically based on pre-established rules

Outlook 365

The same features described above are also available in the Outlook web version of Office 365.

Filedoc Mail

Do you want to access email accounts directly from Filedoc?

Filedoc Mail is a tool embedded in Filedoc that ensures access to mailboxes that use the IMAP protocol, allowing you to register emails. In addition to the above listed operations, you can also define rules for automatic processing of emails according to the sender or keywords, automatically classifying emails or starting a workflow.