Electronic Forms

Web forms simplify, improve and speed up data collection. Not only are they immediately available to anyone on any device, but such forms also structure the data so it can be used to automate processes.

The collection of accurate, structured information is critical in process management. The use of electronic forms makes it possible to do away with documents managed in paper, with unstructured documents, and with the need for manual data processing whenever one intends to collect indicators.

Filedoc allows you to create forms quickly and flexibly on the web, with no programming required.

You can use fields like text, numeric, date, multiple choice, combo box, numeric formulas, date formulas, or tables (multiline and multicolumn). It is possible to define, for each field, the number of characters, whether it is multiline, default values, mandatory fields, the initial value, and their order.

The values to be displayed in a given field can be pre-defined, by loading tables or fed by web services.

To further simplify and speed up your processes, combine web forms with Workflows, where each completed form triggers a new workflow.