Access Management

Access to any type of document such as financial documents, contracts, commercial documents, HR documents or confidential information is fully controlled through a robust, flexible access system.

Filedoc controls who, when and how your data and documents are accessed, so that you can collect, process and store them without any fear of misuse or loss, allowing you to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your company information.

You can set one or more document types as confidential. The system will ignore the permissions set by default and ensure that a given document can only be viewed by its sender and recipient.

Thanks to recording and analysing in detail all and every action performed on filed information, we always have control over all versions and changes made to documents, ensuring complete traceability of all information.

Documents can be stored with AES encryption for maximum information protection.

All data traffic is carried out through HTTPS with TLS encryption, and access from outside the organization is protected by VPN.