Document management and workflow automation software

Filedoc is a proven document management and process automation software, with thousands of installations. The Filedoc platform provides a set of capabilities for capturing information, managing and filing documents, processing content, controlling and automating workflows, and integrating with third-party applications.

Filedoc is a platform that allows you to capture, index, process and use existing information throughout your organization.

Dematerialization of the supplier invoice process

Improved efficiency in financial and accounting areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial audits.

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Workflow management

Filedoc provides tools to create and edit Workflows, model and automate processes, without programming knowledge.

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Mobile App

Mobility offers a flexible business model with unlimited freedom: anytime, anywhere, on any device.A mobilidade oferece um modelo de negócio flexível e com liberdade ilimitada: a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar e dispositivo.

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Moving towards dematerialization

Digitization of documents and their electronic production reduces costs, increases security, and enables high levels of organizational agility.

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Success cases

Greater efficiency and productivity, optimization of internal resources, process automation, and implementation of controls that reduce human errors and make document search much easier.

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